M.Sc. Maximilian Gaukler

M.Sc. Maximilian Gaukler

Research Interests

My field of research is at the interdisciplinary boundary of control engineering and computer science, centered on two questions:

  • How can control be implemented on real-time systems more efficiently?
  • How do real-time system properties such as timing affect the resulting quality of control?

As part of the joint research project qronOS (Quality-aware Co-Design of Responsive Real-Time Control Systems), I mainly work on the following topics:

  • Analysis of digital control loops with varying input/output timing
  • Safety verification of dynamical systems by reachability analysis
  • Dynamic adaptation of the computational load of control systems (Feedback Scheduling, Event-Triggered Control, etc.)







Student theses

Initiative applications on student theses (bachelor and master thesis, Forschungspraktikum, Projektarbeit) are welcome. Most topics will not be listed online.

As our research concerns safety-critical systems, correctness of the results is crucial. Especially on the Master’s level you should therefore have a good capability of understanding new theory and working with formal descriptions, preferably demonstrated by good grades in courses at our chair. This also includes a high level of English or German.

If you are interested, please contact me and include your current grades as well as other relevant knowledge (programming, CAD, practical experience).

For applicants with knowledge in the field of real-time systems, we also offer interdisciplinary theses in cooperation with Lehrstuhl Informatik 4.