Application Domains

The control engineering methods and expertises are used in numerous technical fields. Beside scientific work there are numerous industrial cooperations and research projects. The main application domains at the Chair of Automatic Control are currently in the following areas:

Mechatronics & Automotive

Mechatronik und Automotive

Mechatronic systems, which comprise both mechanical and electrical parts, represent an important application field of control engineering. Due to the limited computing power of the used ECUs, the application of modern control methods in these systems is associated with particular challenges. The Chair of Automatic Control researches control methods for, for example, electric drives, automatic transmissions and vehicles.




Robotics belongs to the largest fields of application for control engineering methods. Besides conventional industrial robots, as known from the automobile production, there is an increasing usage of collaborative and mobile robots, for example as vacuum cleaners or autonomous vehicles. Research projects in this area concern the control of movements and forces on the one hand and the planning of paths and trajectories on the other.


Networked & Complex Systems

Vernetzte und komplexe Systeme

The relevance of networked and complex systems is increasing significantly for controlling and automation in the course of developments like industry 4.0. Modern controlling techniques for these systems have to satisfy particular requirements concerning modularity and scalability. Distributed controlling algorithms are investigated at the chair of automatic control to achieve these requirements.