New DFG project on control of particulate processes

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The project “Formulation of dispersed systems via (melt) emulsification: Process design, in situ diagnostics and regulation” was approved as part of the DFG priority programme “Autonomous Processes in Particle Technology – Research and Testing of Concepts for Model-based Control of Particulate Processes” (SPP 2364). The project is a collaboration with Dr. Jochen Schmidt (Chair of Particle Technology) and Dr. Franz Huber (Chair of Engineering Thermodynamics).
The aim of this project is the automated production of liquid-liquid disperse systems via melt emulsification at elevated temperature. The products obtained after cooling are dispersions of spherical nanoparticles or microparticles. A model predictive controller in combination with an in situ measurement of the particle size distribution will provide the possibility for an active process control and the production of emulsions with predefined properties and a simultaneous optimization of the process time.